Industrial Painting

Intumescent Coatings

Safe, affordable and durable, intumescent coatings have fire retardant capabilities that, when applied to any number of unapproved industrial building material such as structural or exposed steel, allows them to meet Southern Ontario fire rating, fire code and flame spread requirements. Pesada Painting’s intumescent coatings are used on both the exterior and interior of industrial facilities to protect their surfaces from extreme temperatures over an extended period of time, and prevent structural failure. Our intumescent coatings are used on everything from industrial trusses, to columns, doors, beams, atriums, walls, staircases, elevator shafts, ceilings, air ducts and much more. As a reliable means of fireproofing, our intumescent coatings prevent tragedy by protecting industrial property, and saving lives. Environmentally friendly, our high-performance intumescent coatings can keep construction costs low, preserve industrial building focal points, appearance and character, and have been proven in service for our clients in and around Toronto, Sarnia, Windsor, Hamilton, London, Mississauga, Kitchener/Waterloo, Barrie, Simcoe and Owen Sound, Ontario over many years.

Our intumescent coatings are typically used in or on industrial warehouses, manufacturing plants, storage facilities and many other industrial structures. Our professional Toronto industrial painting team will fully prepare your industrial premises, and adhering to strict safety, property and industrial site protection protocols will use specialized techniques when applying our intumescent coatings to your surfaces. We offer our intumescent coatings service at rates that are reasonable, and complete each project in an expedient manner. Pesada Painting’s wide variety of Toronto industrial painting skills, specialty services such as intumescent coatings, and 42+ year reputation as Southern Ontario’s premier institutional, commercial and Toronto industrial painting company guarantees that we can meet all of your fire proofing requirements. Contact us today for a free quote, or to learn just how we can assist you with your upcoming or existing intumescent coatings project.